In 2019 ASW engaged Altair to work with us to produce a new-build off-site manufacturing procurement solution for our Members. ASW funded a considerable amount of market research & intelligence and procurement planning. We got to the point of formally going to the market ourselves, but as part of the ongoing project gateway assessment we identified that joining in with the NHF’s Building Better project would be a better way of providing you with this procurement solution:

  • NHF backing so good at getting market interest
  • Increased pipeline – but ASW membership is half of the BB consortium
  • BB amenable to listening to the conclusions of our research – the solution is radically different to what else is in the market and was a direct result of the market and demand-side work that ASW did with Altair
  • ASW would not have to fund it

ASW helped Building Better select the procurement expert who would run the procurement and manage the framework – we chose Procurement for Housing. There is a fee to join Building Better,  but ASW procurement consortium members do not have to pay the fee as ASW is paying it.

The framework has been designed to facilitate early engagement between development teams and manufacturers. Our commercial approach provides pricing visibility and encourages open and transparent conversations regarding costs, without the need for any additional procurement processes.

The framework companies are:

  • Houses and/or apartments (up to 18m) – Tophat
  • Housing – Ilke Homes
  • Apartments (up to 18m) – Impact Modular

For more information on Building Better please contact or

Slide pack used in the presentation on 21st July 2021: