Engagement planning

Prepare a full engagement before beginning the actual retrofit work. Make sure the planned activities are budgeted and resourced.


Make sure the residents are fully aware of the proposed retrofit programme. Involve them early, demonstrating the benefits and creating a sense of inclusion. This will improve participation, avoid suspicion and reduce resistance.


Present the full details of the project to the residents, explaining what will happen and when, and how they can contribute to improving their homes.


During the design stage the Retrofit Assessor, Retrofit Designer and Retrofit Coordinator will be developing the plan for each home. Keep the residents informed and provide opportunities for their feedback to influence the design.


Most of the disruption to residents will occur in this stage. Keep them informed of progress, respond to any questions or problems, and make sure they can contact you. Focus on minimising disruption and providing additional support to the hard-to-reach groups.


At the handover stage residents will get their first direct experience of their new home. Provide tailored advice to aid understanding and ensure that the new systems are correctly used. This will reduce the risk of future complaints and maintenance issues.

Post works

After completion of the retrofit works and handover it is important to continue resident engagement. Continue to monitor energy performance and resident satisfaction. Deal with any teething problems and make sure that residents can use their new systems correctly and efficiently. Make an induction pack available to any new resident that explains how to use their home.